in my own words

Welcome to the journey.

Imagine the bank of a mountain stream where we meet to inspire each other, read to one another, laugh. Wildflowers tumble down the narrow canyon. The high mountain air untroubled on a calm morning. Dippers dip from rock to rock. The cold, clear water rushes on. There is nothing we have to do except sit together and. . . bump up our NK cells!

bank of the Beckler River, Yellowstone National Park

I live in the Idaho mountains with my partner and black dog and I am recovering from lyme disease. Early in the illness words galloped off like wild horses. I couldn’t read. I couldn’t write. But that’s a tick’s story; mine is that I’m healing. If you’re like me, sometimes we get lost in confusing and frightening information, feel lonely. Great art, poems, prose have come out of similar struggles. Inspiration, creativity, curiosity, and just plain funny boost the immune system, can help us feel better, and may be as important as the IV or the herb. So I hope you find on these pages something that inspires you.

—Those of you not recovering from a tick bite—we’re not contagious. Have a seat. There’s room on the bank.

Journey Back To Words

A Blessing for a Friend on the Arrival of Illness, by John O’Donohue

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78 thoughts on “in my own words

  1. It sounds like we are both healing and blogging with a purpose. I’ve had some health challenges lately and hoping my experiences will help others. I have two blogs also, one on my experiences, and one for my creativity, which helps with healing. I am wishing the best for you on your healing journey.

  2. let me first of all say that the life you are leading, is a fantastic life! there are many people out there who’d sell their grandma to have a life like yours, which seems so independant and free.
    secondly, about the ailment you have….i dislike it when we all say to each other “…im sorry to hear about YOUR disease…”
    by saying that, we are making the disease ours, which we dont want! i truly believe we are what we say, and our lives are what we think….so if we say and think about an ailment being “mine”, then we are telling the body yeah..its ok to have this ailment….!
    anyway, thats my opinion…nevertheless, please get better speedily and lets share some more of your superb photographs!
    do drop in again at

    • Thank you. I don’t know how many I may have reached with this ‘little’ blog but it’s been a great exploration for me and if it helps one person laugh, or write, or become curious about something new and especially if it keeps someone from getting bite by the tick, it’s worth it. I’ve ‘met’ so many interesting, creative, thoughtful and thought-provoking folks along the way, including you. Thanks so much for visiting the blog and leaving your comments. I appreciate it.

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