talking to mountains

It’s true. I talk to mountains. This one in particular has my heart. At the top of Rammel Mountain lady bugs summer on sharp-edged boulders, wild raspberries twine through the rocks. This is where I’m headed. At the top of this mountain I will leave lyme disease behind.

On these pages I’ll be posting poems and quotes, words that inspire and encourage healing, words that a solid, still, unmoving, moving mountain wants to hear from me. I hope you find words that speak directly to you.

This Sky


Where We Live

Is no place to lose your wings

So love, love,



translation by Daniel Ladinsky

6 thoughts on “talking to mountains

  1. I talk to birds, and various beings inanimate, too. And I hope you can leave Lyme behind for good. I had it years ago, but it didn’t stay for more than a few years and wasn’t severe. I know it’s very idiosyncratic but can still hope yours disappears as easily as mine did.

  2. Beautiful~ words and photo. The colors are so intense and varied in the sunset. The poem is delightful and true. Your wish and hope is mine for you too~

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